The participation of Young Improvers for Youth Development – YIYD in the project ‘Content Creators with Impact’

The participation of Young Improvers for Youth Development – YIYD in the project ‘Content Creators with Impact’

Set against the backdrop of the picturesque town of Hondarribia, Spain, a life-changing experience unfolded for a team of young visionaries from Young Improvers for Youth Development – YIYD . Under the guidance of their fearless leader, Valentin Kehayov, the group joined forces to contribute to the ambitious project ‘Content Creators with Impact,’ led by the admirable Spanish organization Cohope.

In this exceptional setting, Rahim Hadzhieminov lent his poetic mind to turn complex social issues into relatable stories, while Ivo Elenski brought his technological wizardry to the table, illuminating the path with his digital expertise. Severim Bobachev served as the team’s moral compass, ensuring that the project remained both socially responsible and impactful. Strategist Martin Kafedzhiev astutely planned every move, making the execution of project tasks seem almost effortless. Ivan Stoyanov, the team’s resident artist, provided compelling visual narratives that beautifully complemented the project’s message.

None of this would have been possible without the impeccable organization and hospitality provided by Cohope. The Juan Sebastián Elkano Hostel was not just a place to rest; it became a melting pot of ideas and a sanctuary for creative collaboration. Cohope’s exceptional approach to social entrepreneurship and problem-solving created a fertile ground for the YIYD team to flourish. Their expert-led workshops and activities encouraged a rich exchange of perspectives on social challenges and fostered a sense of community among participants.

As the project reached its culmination, the YIYD team had not only gained invaluable skills but had also contributed significantly to Cohope’s mission of fostering a society built on collaboration, connection, and collective learning. They returned to Bulgaria not merely as content creators but as empowered agents of change, poised to apply their newfound knowledge to effect social betterment in their community.

So, here’s to the transformative power of youth, the richness of cultural exchange, and the boundless possibilities that arise when the two converge. The experience in Hondarribia was more than just a chapter in the lives of the YIYD team; it served as a preface to many impactful stories that are yet to be told.

Empowering the Young: Local Workshops Illuminate the Path to Successful Youth Club Management

Empowering the Young: Local Workshops Illuminate the Path to Successful Youth Club Management

The event targeted an array of participants – young people aged 15-30, youth workers, youth organisation staff, and representatives of youth centres and youth clubs. The focus was to equip these passionate individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge for efficiently managing a youth club. Addressing the Challenges: One of the key motivations behind organizing these workshops was the recognition that many youth centres and clubs grapple with challenges in management and in motivating young people to actively participate. To address these issues, the workshop was meticulously designed to provide pragmatic solutions and actionable strategies.

On the sunny morning of July 26, Smolyan buzzed with youthful energy and anticipation. The city welcomed 20 young participants for a local seminar and workshop organized by the Young Improvers for Youth Development (YIYD). These bright individuals, including youth from rural areas and those with fewer opportunities, convened to learn the ropes of running and managing successful youth clubs.

The seminar unfolded into an engaging learning experience where participants were guided on various aspects of youth club management, such as governance, resource allocation, activity planning, and volunteer management. Alongside, they were also enlightened on how to foster an environment that motivates young people to participate actively and meaningfully in the club activities.

By the end of the workshop, participants walked away with a comprehensive understanding of how to run a youth club successfully. Empowered with new skills and brimming with fresh ideas, they were ready to implement their learnings in their respective youth clubs and centres. The participants felt more confident in their ability to manage and engage the youth effectively, a testament to the success of the seminar.

The local workshop in Smolyan was an inspiring success, illuminating the path for young individuals and representatives from various youth-focused organizations towards successful youth club management. As these empowered individuals take their knowledge back to their respective communities, they will undoubtedly create more engaging and vibrant youth spaces, thereby echoing the positive impact of YIYD’s initiative across the region.

Bridging the Gap: Youth and Policy Makers Connect at Smolyan Roundtable

Bridging the Gap: Youth and Policy Makers Connect at Smolyan Roundtable

On July 25, the city of Smolyan witnessed an impactful event that brought together the voices of the youth and the wisdom of policy makers and local government officials. In an initiative by the Young Improvers for Youth Development (YIYD), 50 representatives from diverse backgrounds congregated at the Regional Government building for a crucial roundtable discussion.

This unprecedented roundtable was attended by a wide range of participants – representatives of local municipalities, policy makers, officers of public institutions, managers of youth work bodies, youth workers, and most importantly, young people. A particular emphasis was placed on the inclusion of young people from rural areas and those with fewer opportunities. Fostering Dialogue and Collaboration: The roundtable event was conceived with the mission to foster dialogue and collaboration. It served as an interactive platform for young individuals to communicate their ideas and challenges directly to the decision-makers. Simultaneously, it offered the policymakers a valuable opportunity to understand the needs and aspirations of today’s youth better.

The discussions at the roundtable revealed some compelling statistics. An alarming 40% of participating youth from rural areas felt underrepresented in community decisions, while nearly 60% of all participants felt that the youth had limited access to opportunities for personal and professional development. These numbers spotlighted the importance of such dialogue-focused events in addressing these gaps. Impactful Outcomes: As a result of the roundtable, policy makers pledged to work on more inclusive and youth-friendly policies. There was a consensus to conduct similar roundtables more frequently, aiming to foster a more collaborative relationship between the youth and the decision-makers. Additionally, a commitment was made to allocate more resources to youth clubs, particularly in rural areas, providing young people with better opportunities for development.

This successful roundtable in Smolyan was a resounding testament to the potential of open dialogue and collaboration. The YIYD’s initiative marks a significant stride towards fostering a shared understanding between the youth and policy makers, aiming to bridge the gap between these crucial segments of society. As the voice of youth continues to echo in the halls of the Regional Government building, the ripple effects of this roundtable promise a more inclusive and vibrant future for Smolyan’s youth.

Empowering Youth: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Vibrant Youth Spaces

Empowering Youth: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Vibrant Youth Spaces

Dive into a realm teeming with opportunity as we uncover a pioneering
initiative dedicated to youth empowerment and the cultivation of
lively, impactful youth environments. Join forces with Young Improvers
for Youth Development (YIYD) and their pan-European partners, as they
breathe life into a comprehensive manual. Crafted specifically for
young trailblazers aiming to establish and manage influential youth
clubs in their communities, this article invites you to embark on a
thrilling journey exploring the transformative potential of this
easy-to-use guide.

A Collaborative Triumph: This manual extends beyond the confines of a mere document, it stands
as a resounding testament to the power of cooperation. The content has
been meticulously curated, drawing upon extensive research and
collective wisdom of youth leaders, policymakers, and field experts
from Bulgaria, Italy, and Portugal. The result is a guide that
intimately comprehends the trials faced by today’s youth and offers
practical, applicable solutions to surmount them.

Legal Guidelines: Nurturing Responsibility Within Freedom
Our manual serves as your navigational compass, enabling a smooth
journey through the complex terrain of legal regulations. The
guidelines section is meticulously designed to ensure compliance with
national laws in each participating country. By striking the perfect
balance between fostering innovation and adherence to established
norms, the manual empowers you to lead fearlessly and responsibly.

Success Stories: A Tapestry of Inspiration and Impact
Brace yourself for a surge of inspiration! This manual transcends
conventional guides; it’s a treasure trove of success stories from
youth clubs that have left a lasting imprint on their communities.
These best practices spotlight the astounding accomplishments of young
leaders like you, turning dreams into reality. From rural hamlets to
sprawling suburbs, these narratives shine a light on the boundless
potential of youth spaces.

Comprehensive Content: The Catalyst to Unlocking Your Potential
Unleash your latent abilities with a wide array of topics that cover
every conceivable aspect of youth club management. From project
planning and fundraising strategies to community engagement and
leadership development, this user-friendly manual emerges as your
quintessential guide to nurturing your vision and crafting vibrant
spaces where young individuals can flourish.

Gear up to embark on a thrilling expedition of empowerment and growth!
This manual is more than a document; it’s your launchpad to creating
dynamic youth spaces and steering positive change in your community.
Be prepared to be inspired, equipped, and empowered as you take the
helm in shaping a brighter future. Let this guide serve as your
trusted ally, unlocking doors to a world teeming with potential and
vibrant youth spaces. Harness the power of youth and join us in
carving out a brighter, more promising tomorrow.

Community Impact: Webinars and Courses Empowering Smolyan’s Youth for Community Growth

Community Impact: Webinars and Courses Empowering Smolyan’s Youth for Community Growth

In the vibrant city of Smolyan, something transformational is underway. Young Improvers for Youth Development (YIYD), under the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 program, has been spearheading a unique initiative, the “Youth Waves Surfers: Multiplier effect for Youth Clubs” project. This project, rather than focusing solely on personal development, seeks to harness the potential of youth to spark community growth.


Smolyan, tucked away in the breathtaking Rhodope Mountains, has become the incubator for this transformative journey. Through a series of strategically planned webinars and courses, the YIYD team has been equipping local young people with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to create and run youth clubs successfully.

Webinars: Laying the Foundation for Youth Leadership

 The first step of this initiative involved a series of webinars designed specifically for young individuals, especially those from rural areas and with fewer opportunities. These webinars, each an hour long and delivered by experienced YIYD trainers, focused on the practical aspects of creating and managing a youth club. The online sessions, attended by a diverse group of participants aged 15-30, offered vital insights into the steps needed to establish a youth club, managing resources, and fostering a positive and inclusive environment.


Courses: Translating Knowledge into Action

 Once the theoretical knowledge was laid down, it was time to transform these concepts into tangible skills. This was achieved through a series of local courses or workshops conducted in Smolyan. Each two-day course involved an intensive training program delivered to 25 participants. These interactive sessions, complete with group activities, case analysis, and creative tasks, ensured that the participants not only understood the theory but were also capable of applying it practically.

 The Ripple Effect: Empowering the Community

 The impact of these webinars and courses has been nothing short of phenomenal. Empowered with new skills and perspectives, the young individuals are now making their mark in their local communities. Their newly formed youth clubs have become a positive force in the local neighborhoods, fostering a sense of belonging and facilitating the active participation of more young people.

 These clubs have also catalyzed several community service projects, from environmental initiatives to social inclusion programs, further accentuating the positive ripple effect of the initiative. The Smolyan community, which actively participated in and supported the webinars and courses, is now reaping the benefits as they witness their young people step up as community leaders.

 Indeed, the “Youth Waves Surfers: Multiplier effect for Youth Clubs” project is a testament to the power of youth when equipped with the right skills and opportunities. As we continue to unfold this exciting journey in Smolyan, we invite you to join us in celebrating and supporting the remarkable transformation that is taking place.

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