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As part of an inspirational journey catalyzed by the Young Improvers for Youth Development (YIYD), and supported by the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project, Smolyan is witnessing a groundbreaking initiative that is reshaping the dialogue between policy makers and youth. The revolutionary round table discussions, organized by YIYD, have created a dynamic platform for discussion, innovation, and shared understanding, fostering a more engaging and cooperative environment for policy development and implementation.


On the sunny day of July 15, 2023, a diverse group of individuals converged in Smolyan’s central hall. Among them were policy makers, officers of public institutions, managers of youth work bodies, and most importantly, young individuals aged 15 to 30, all ready to partake in an enlightening round table discussion. The aim was clear: to listen, learn, and create shared pathways for enhancing youth engagement in the city.


YIYD, known for its consistent advocacy for youth empowerment, provided the necessary environment for such a significant event. The team of experienced youth workers and trainers played an instrumental role in shaping the discussions, facilitating constructive conversation, and ensuring that every participant’s voice was heard.

The round table discussions were strategically designed to create an open and inclusive platform, allowing for a thorough exploration of challenges, opportunities, and innovative solutions. The dialogue was vibrant, with participants contributing perspectives based on their unique experiences and roles within the community. The sessions emphasized the importance of effective youth clubs in fostering personal development, social inclusion, and civic engagement.

As the discussion unfolded, it became evident that the youth of Smolyan were not just passive participants but were eager to voice their concerns, share their ideas, and be part of decision-making processes. The policy makers, too, showed their openness to understanding the perspectives of the youth, acknowledging the valuable insights that these young individuals bring to the table.


Participants engaged in rich dialogue, sharing personal experiences, perspectives, and innovative ideas. The young participants, particularly those from rural areas or with fewer opportunities, seized the chance to express their aspirations and the challenges they face. The policy makers, in turn, gained valuable insights into the real issues on the ground and a clearer understanding of the youth’s needs and expectations.


The event also highlighted the importance of youth clubs as an essential platform for empowering young people, providing them with the opportunity to contribute to their communities, and paving the way for more inclusive and youth-friendly policies. These insights have laid the foundation for more supportive environments where young individuals can thrive.

The round table discussions, according to both policy makers and youth participants, were a resounding success. The interactive platform allowed for a fruitful exchange of ideas and opened up new possibilities for collaboration. Moreover, the dialogue sparked a realization that young people are not just recipients of policies but are also key contributors to policy formulation and implementation.

The YIYD, through initiatives like this, continues to foster dialogue, promote youth engagement, and create a more inclusive society. We understand that real progress can only be achieved through collective action and shared understanding, and we remain committed to facilitating more such interactions in the future.

As we continue to bring more engaging and empowering activities to Smolyan, stay tuned for updates by following our blog and social media channels. Together, let’s create a future where young individuals are not just heard, but also play a significant role in shaping the policies that affect their lives.


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