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In the vibrant city of Smolyan, something transformational is underway. Young Improvers for Youth Development (YIYD), under the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 program, has been spearheading a unique initiative, the “Youth Waves Surfers: Multiplier effect for Youth Clubs” project. This project, rather than focusing solely on personal development, seeks to harness the potential of youth to spark community growth.


Smolyan, tucked away in the breathtaking Rhodope Mountains, has become the incubator for this transformative journey. Through a series of strategically planned webinars and courses, the YIYD team has been equipping local young people with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to create and run youth clubs successfully.

Webinars: Laying the Foundation for Youth Leadership

 The first step of this initiative involved a series of webinars designed specifically for young individuals, especially those from rural areas and with fewer opportunities. These webinars, each an hour long and delivered by experienced YIYD trainers, focused on the practical aspects of creating and managing a youth club. The online sessions, attended by a diverse group of participants aged 15-30, offered vital insights into the steps needed to establish a youth club, managing resources, and fostering a positive and inclusive environment.


Courses: Translating Knowledge into Action

 Once the theoretical knowledge was laid down, it was time to transform these concepts into tangible skills. This was achieved through a series of local courses or workshops conducted in Smolyan. Each two-day course involved an intensive training program delivered to 25 participants. These interactive sessions, complete with group activities, case analysis, and creative tasks, ensured that the participants not only understood the theory but were also capable of applying it practically.

 The Ripple Effect: Empowering the Community

 The impact of these webinars and courses has been nothing short of phenomenal. Empowered with new skills and perspectives, the young individuals are now making their mark in their local communities. Their newly formed youth clubs have become a positive force in the local neighborhoods, fostering a sense of belonging and facilitating the active participation of more young people.

 These clubs have also catalyzed several community service projects, from environmental initiatives to social inclusion programs, further accentuating the positive ripple effect of the initiative. The Smolyan community, which actively participated in and supported the webinars and courses, is now reaping the benefits as they witness their young people step up as community leaders.

 Indeed, the “Youth Waves Surfers: Multiplier effect for Youth Clubs” project is a testament to the power of youth when equipped with the right skills and opportunities. As we continue to unfold this exciting journey in Smolyan, we invite you to join us in celebrating and supporting the remarkable transformation that is taking place.

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