Earth Day 2023: Youth for Youth Development – Together we changed the world with educational games and innovations!

by | Apr 22, 2023

On Earth Day 2023, “Youth for Youth Development” and SAP Labs Bulgaria created a magical space for innovations in education! Participants discovered 5 unique educational games, created or translated into Bulgarian, that gave them a mission to save the world and protect the environment.

At this special event, aimed at teachers, trainers, parents, youth workers, and all board game enthusiasts and nature conservationists, children, students, and/or young people joined in – everyone who was ready to engage in the game and learn more about environmental protection.

🇧🇷 Participants met live with the hero from BARABAR – the young Brazilian entrepreneur and UN Sustainable Development Goals Ambassador, Ezequiel Vedana da Rosa, who showcased his Piipee mission on how to conserve Earth’s water resources.

Visitors explored the green educational materials from, Khan Academy, For the Earth, and Cleantech Bulgaria and learned how to support their causes. Together they discovered the stories of Ariane Pelicioni and Evgenia Tasheva, two young women with an active green stance, as well as the Junior Achievement initiative, in which students created green companies and led campaigns for climate justice.

The partnership with NGOs is part of a broader project called “Voices United for Smolyan: Empowering Marginalized Youth for Environmental Advocacy,” which is funded by Youth and Environment Europe. The project aims to contribute to a more sustainable future and make a positive impact in the community.