The event targeted an array of participants – young people aged 15-30, youth workers, youth organisation staff, and representatives of youth centres and youth clubs. The focus was to equip these passionate individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge for efficiently managing a youth club. Addressing the Challenges: One of the key motivations behind organizing these workshops was the recognition that many youth centres and clubs grapple with challenges in management and in motivating young people to actively participate. To address these issues, the workshop was meticulously designed to provide pragmatic solutions and actionable strategies.

On the sunny morning of July 26, Smolyan buzzed with youthful energy and anticipation. The city welcomed 20 young participants for a local seminar and workshop organized by the Young Improvers for Youth Development (YIYD). These bright individuals, including youth from rural areas and those with fewer opportunities, convened to learn the ropes of running and managing successful youth clubs.

The seminar unfolded into an engaging learning experience where participants were guided on various aspects of youth club management, such as governance, resource allocation, activity planning, and volunteer management. Alongside, they were also enlightened on how to foster an environment that motivates young people to participate actively and meaningfully in the club activities.

By the end of the workshop, participants walked away with a comprehensive understanding of how to run a youth club successfully. Empowered with new skills and brimming with fresh ideas, they were ready to implement their learnings in their respective youth clubs and centres. The participants felt more confident in their ability to manage and engage the youth effectively, a testament to the success of the seminar.

The local workshop in Smolyan was an inspiring success, illuminating the path for young individuals and representatives from various youth-focused organizations towards successful youth club management. As these empowered individuals take their knowledge back to their respective communities, they will undoubtedly create more engaging and vibrant youth spaces, thereby echoing the positive impact of YIYD’s initiative across the region.