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In the idyllic town of Smolyan, Bulgaria, a transformative project under Key Action 2 (KA2) Youth Waves is empowering young individuals to become active change-makers and create vibrant youth spaces. As part of this initiative, a series of webinars have been conducted to equip the youth of Smolyan with essential skills and knowledge necessary to shape their community and foster positive change.

The project organizers recognized the potential of webinars as a powerful tool for reaching out to a wide audience of young people in Smolyan. These online sessions served as a means to transfer crucial competences and create a roadmap for establishing and managing youth spaces effectively.

The KA2 Youth Waves project aims to explore the multiplier effect of youth clubs and spaces, particularly in rural areas and suburbs of cities. In partnership with the European Confederation of Youth Clubs (ECYC) and other organizations, the project envisions empowering young individuals through open youth work and non-formal learning. Smolyan was chosen as a focal point for its potential to serve as a model for youth empowerment in a rural setting.

The webinars covered a diverse range of topics that catered to the specific needs of young people in Smolyan. Workshops on project planning provided insights into how to conceptualize and execute successful youth spaces. Fundraising sessions educated participants on securing financial support and resources for their initiatives. Community engagement discussions highlighted the importance of involving local communities in the decision-making process and promoting active citizenship.


The impact of the webinars has been profound, with numerous success stories emerging from young individuals in Smolyan. Armed with the knowledge gained from the webinars, several ambitious youth have taken the lead in establishing youth spaces in their neighborhoods. From transforming abandoned buildings into vibrant youth centers to organizing community events, these young leaders have become catalysts for change and development.

The success of the webinars can be measured by the number of participants and the level of engagement. During the project, more than 42 young people actively participated in the webinars, demonstrating their eagerness to learn and make a difference in their community. The interactive nature of the webinars, with discussions and Q&A sessions, created a dynamic learning environment and encouraged active participation.


The webinars conducted in Smolyan under the KA2 Youth Waves project have proved to be a powerful tool for youth empowerment and community development. By imparting essential competences and inspiring young individuals to take charge of their future, these webinars have laid the foundation for vibrant and inclusive youth spaces in Smolyan. The success stories of young leaders who have emerged from these webinars stand as a testament to the transformative power of youth engagement and the positive impact it can have on a community. As the project continues to unfold, the journey of empowerment for the youth of Smolyan is poised to inspire and create lasting change.