Here are no random things for us. We are working hard and the results are clear. And yes, we work with an organization from Finland, with which we have partnered and are in extremely close contact. For the fifth year, we have been fighting for youth development, protecting our interests and supporting their opportunities. We believe that young people deserve real and unreserved trust and that they must develop no matter what it costs to the society. Believe it or not, a completely voluntary youth space has been created in Smolyan that works from and for the young people. In just 6 months, more than 300 trainers, youth workers and experts in non-formal education from all over the world have visited the youth space. 

s for Youth Development Association, and we integrate them into our local teams. For just a couple of years, we have been able to implement 10 Erasmus + projects, with which we have done extremely useful training courses and youth exchanges. We brought together young people from all over Europe to show that the power is in the young and that they must be empowered to change our society. We were able to send free of charge over 100 young people from the Smolyan region who, upon their return, became multipliers of the change and increased our organizational capacity. It is important that, with the support of our organization across Europe, we can exchange experiences and send many young people abroad to be trained for free, to acquire knowledge and routine skills. All young people in Smolyan deserve support because everyone has a potential that, for one reason or another, is underestimated. Our simple recipe for success involves planning, working and most importantly, having fun! The Young Improvers for Youth Development Association is proud to be part of the Smolyan educational community, which includes all educational and governmental institutions together at all levels working to overcome deficits. There is no one who can better understand the problems of the young than themselves. We just united them together and organized them to work in synchronization and professionally in a team. Since we have started until now our work with young people throughout the country, has been very successful as we have received many invitations to cooperate with the most serious international organizations and national institutions. We are still growing, we have a whole department with volunteers who deal with the international relations of our association and its development on a daily basis. We want young people to take their place in society with dignity and this will happen; we have enough resources to make it happen, showing the capabilities of the next generation. Our organization offers a large range of extracurricular activities and an individual approach to our volunteers. However, if everything sounds overblown and unrealistic, Smolyan is close and you can always visit to check it out. If you do not have this capability, we are soon launching a 3D preview that will give you a virtual tour of our youth hub. 

We have a top youth space #YIYD in #Smolyan, Bulgaria with a very well equipped hall for all kinds of events – meetings, seminars, literary readings, debates, courses, movie nights, celebrations, etc. We also have table tennis, a library, board games, a basketball hoop, a football gate, lounges, a hammock, karaoke, a computer corner, a boxing pear, footballs, darts and a kitchenette, with the possibility of preparing your coffee breaks or lunch. Every week, young people from all over the region join the Young Improver